Happier Employees.
A more productive business.

Providing your employees with credit when they need it.

What is Uploan?
Uploan forms a partnership with Philippine employers; enabling us to provide low cost, family friendly loans to their employees. We use employee data to provide better rates to employees. Loans are disbursed within 24 hours.
Partnering with Uploan Means:
  • No more financial pressures on your employees
  • No more monthly requests for loans from employees
  • More productive business without incurring any additional cost
Why choose uploan?

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Interest rates lower than commercial banks

Uploan is 100% online, meaning we offer rates to your staff that are cheaper than banks, credit cards and other lenders.

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Hassle-free salary loan

Uploan is quick and efficient with no hassle. Our online process means staff don’t have to take any time off work to access their loan.

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Having support whenever you need

Uploan is here to support your employee’s when they need it. Funds are disbursed within 24 hours.

How does Uploan Work?

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"Working with Uploan has been a breeze! Everything went smooth and signing up was so simple. My employees have never felt more happy and secure with a fast and reliable source of low interest salary loans!"

Glecy Riomalos, CEO of Explorasia

"Being in a business with different staff locations, it can be hard to ensure that your employees get all the support they need. A partnership with Uploan makes it hassle free to provide my staff with the financial security they need."

Ravi Chulani, CEO of Truevine